With its rich history, enchanting natural scenery and colorful folk customs, China is a truly remarkable country to explore. Since a picture speaks louder than a thousand words, our photographers have provided dozens of excellent pictures. These photographs showcase China's great cities and its culture, people and landmarks.

China Spotlights

Cultural and Historic Sites
Natural Landscape
Temples, Monasteries and Mosques

When traveling in China, visitors will be truly inspired by a land that holds many of the world's wonders. Please enjoy our series of photos highlighting China's top attractions.

Great Wall of China
Yangtze River
Potala Palace
Terra Cotta Army
Forbidden City
Silk Road


Many popular tourist destinations in China are displayed here, each with a gallery showing its scenic spots, street life and local features.


China Features

Foreign visitors always delight in experiencing China's unique features. These galleries unlock the secrets of this appealing ancient nation, the most populous country on earth. China has a variety of ethnic groups with differing customs relating to attire, housing, religion and especially cuisine. Chinese cuisine is amazingly diverse and is enjoyed by visitors from within the country and abroad.

Chinese Panda
Modern Chinese
Chinese Food
Chinese People
Chinese Dragon
Chinese Silk
Chinese Medicine             Chinese Tea               Tai Chi Quan
Lantern Festival            Chinese Calligraphy       China Train
China Railway Station       Peking Opera            Chinese Kung Fu
Chinese Zodiac

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