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Thanks to its ancient history, traditions combining antiquity and modernity, uniqueness of its regions located on its huge territory, China is an incredibly interesting country offering to everybody exactly what he/she needs. A tourist will find here awesome monuments, a gastronome – wonders of Chinese cuisine, a naturalist – rich nature treasures.

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There is no vacation capable to embrace all the attractions one can find in China. So for a first acquaintance, one should choose to visit one or two regions in China and some most interesting cities.

Beijing is not only the capital but also one of the richest cities in China as for attractions. The most popular place in Beijing is, of course the famous Tiananmen Square and the joint Forbidden City. Besides, in Beijing, you will see the many temples including the Sky Temple as well as lots of museums, beautiful parks and incredibly cheap markets. When choosing a hotel in Beijing do not get scared by the low price: in China you are anyway guarantied a decent accommodation quality.

In the case if you need to make your way to the Guangdong province, one of the most interesting regions of China, you should absolutely visit its capital Guangzhou. Here you will see the biggest China Zoo, the fabulous Orchid Garden, the many temples belonging to different religions etc. Many hotels in Guangzhou strike with their modern design and a high comfort level.

China is not only a place where the most diverse national traditions do meet; it’s also a constantly developing modern state. To get convinced about that, you just need to visit Shanghai, the biggest economical center of China where East and West curiously coexist. Shanghai hotels correspond to the generally high development level of the city and provide their guests with the best service and comfort.

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