Heroic image


In the character system of Manas, the heroic image of Manas was very successful. Manas was a brave, aggressive, belligerent and wild hero. When he cried loudly, the mountain collapsed, land cracked, flood came, black clouds raged, lightening stroke and thunder echoed. He wielded long lance and sharp axe into the enemy's camp. Wherever he arrived, enemies were killed, corpses were piled up and blood converged into river. Enemies were frightened and fled away when the name of Manas was mentioned. Manas had unprecedented prowess, glorious feats, but painful failure and awkward situation as well. In the gallery of epics, Manas was a heroic image full of original passion, fresh vigor and special artistic charm.

Manas created also a group of heroes. Manas had 14 Khans and 40 warriors around him. Among them, Bakayihan was a wise elderly, Chuwake was brave and belligerent, Alemanbiete possessed both wisdom and bravery and Ajibayi was handsome and eloquent. They have distinctive characters and different talents. They fought shoulder to shoulder with Manas and were in the same boat when confronting the enemies in their expeditions. Without this group of heroes, Manas couldn’t achieve such glorious success and the epic Manas couldn't be so magnificent and imposing.

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