Yi Clan in Liangshan – Legend of Torch Festival


Long long ago, there were a Hercules in heaven named Sriabi and another on earth named Atilaba, who were able to pull up the mountains. One day, Sriabi decided to wrestle with Atilaba, who had to go out for emergency and asked his mother to treat the guest with a plate of iron cakes. Assuming that Atilaba had mighty strength since the iron cakes had been his meals, Sriabi was scared and left at once. Hearing that Sriabi had just left after he came back, Atilaba went after him and asked to have a wrestling. The result was that Sriabi was defeated and dead. Knowing the news, the god Entigus got furious, who sent numerous locusts and borers to ruin the plants on earth. To fight with the god, Atilaba led people to make torches with pine and wild wormwood branches collected, and ignited them in fields on the 24th night of the sixth lunar month so as to burn away the worms. Later, the day was called "Torch Festival" by Yi people.

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