Tales of Balagencang

Tales of Balagencang have long been spreading throughout the extensive Inner Mongolian grassland as well as the high yurts. The protagonist Balagencang is a representative of Mongolian laboring people who are regarded as witty and humorous.

Sympathizing with people's sufferings, Balagencang upholds justice for impoverished herdsmen far and near. He targets at ruthless and decadent monastic rulers, and also at their ideology - religious superstition and feudal ethics. Bureaucrats, herd owners and superior Lamas try to persecute him by accusing him as a rogue and fraud. However, Balagencang wittily frustrates their conspiracy every time. Balagencang is thus popular and acclaimed by poor people everywhere. "Where there is wind, people know about Balagencang. Wherever he goes, he can settle down there and make a lot of friends as well." In one word, Balagencang is well-received by people.

In this series of Mongolian stories, exaggerating and weird sarcasm has been used to expose and castigate villains and evil deeds. These stories are witty, humorous and full of wisdom. The language is clear, simple and trenchant. Besides, they are featured by a riddle-like structure, with foreshadowing smartly presented at critical moments. Then by the end of the stories, foreshadowing will be laid bare. In this way, not only do the witty stories make readers laugh, but they are also thought-provoking.

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