Naxi Nationality – The Legend of Torch Festival


The god Zilao Apu envied the happy life of human beings so much that he sent a senior general to burn the world to ashes. The old general arrived on earth and saw a scene: a man was carrying an elder child on his back, leaving his little child walking with him. He didn't understand and asked about the reason. Knowing that the child on the man's back was his nephew and the younger one his own kid, and the man wanted to take good care of his nephew since his elder brother and the brother's wife had passed away, the general was deeply moved by the virtue on earth and decided to help the people by revealing the news to the man, telling him that every household should light up a torch at the doorway on the 25th day of the sixth lunar month so as to prevent the disaster. All people did as he had told on the night, fooling the god to believe that the human beings have been extinguished in the fire. The evil god then fell deep into sleep and never woke up any more. Later, the people of Naxi made the day their "Torch Festival".

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