Jiakepuhan was a rich old man, but he was in misery as he had no son. However, after the son-praying ceremony, his old wife was magically pregnant. When Manas was born, he held a blood clot in one hand and grease in the other hand. Holding blood clot meant that Manas would fight in blood and kill enemies throughout his life. Holding "grease" meant that Manas would lead the Khalkhas people to live an affluent life.

To avoid being killed by Kalemake people, Manas was sent to and raised in the forest after his birth. Manas looked after livestock since his childhood and once planted wheat in Turfan. When he was only 11 years old, Manas led 40 little warriors and other Khalkhas people to fight with Kalemake intruders and drove them out of Khalkhas territory finally. Manas successfully presided at the grand ceremony of Kuokuotaiyi, the Khan of Kazakhstan. His name spread far and near. He became the leader of the alliance of 60 Turkic tribes, including Khalkhas tribes and the king ruling seven inner and outer Khans.

To eradicate future trouble and pursue Kalemake people fleeing eastwards, Manas led his army for an expedition. They surmounted mountains and walked a long way to fight with the single-eye giant and fierce enemy of Kalemake. After the vehement fight, Manas won the landslide victory and ascended the throne of Kunwur as the leader of Kalemake. However, he forgot his wife, Kanikai's admonition of "returning immediately to the hometown after winning the expedition, otherwise, misfortune will fall upon him". He was overjoyed that he forgot to return home. He later was hit on the head by Kunwur's poisoned axe and tragically ended up with death.

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