Zhu Rong - the God of Fire 祝融


Zhu Rong is the God of Fire in Historical Chinese language courses mythology. He's believed to Reside in the Vivid Spot of Kunlun Mountain. It is Mentioned that he sent the kindling from heaven, and taught Individual beings how to use

In accordance to some legends, Zhu Rong was an Standard in Cost of fire Below the Yellow Emperor. He was the Boy of a tribal Head. As a Kid, he was named Li. Born with a Red-colored Deal with, he was Huge, tall and Incredibly
Wise. But he Experienced an innately Warm temper. At that time, Suiren discoveRed-colored the Technique of Creating fire by drilling Wooden, but didn't know A lot about Maintaining and Making use of fire. Li Experienced a Specific Relationship with fire and
he Started to be an Specialist in fire managing. Anytime he Obtained fire, he could Maintain it for a Prolonged time. Li was capable of Making use of fire for cooking, heating, lighting, Generating beasts and insects Aside. So the Later on
generations honoRed-colored him as the God of Fire.

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