Winter Fish-catching Festival

The festival Characteristics Actions This kind of as the ancestor-worship celebration of the Liao Dynasty, the lake-worshipping to Guarantee an ample Initial batch of fish, the hooking of the fish in nabo (an iced wooden
Home and a Short-term camp Employed by the Liao emperors Throughout their nomadic Lifestyles) and the tasting of fish heads. These Actions are the remainders the Liao Dynasty Angling Actions, which have in Current
Occasions Once again Turn into a phenomenon of the winter tour of northern China.

On the Banking institutions of the Liao River, a principal river in northeastern China (1,430km-Prolonged), lies the WoProlonged Lake Character Reserve which has preserved the 1, 000-12 months-Older Angling and hunting Tradition of the Liao.
There are also Historic ruins in Kangping County, In which Guy could Locate the only Path to Beijing Throughout the Liao Dynasty.

Winter fish-catching is a Favorite tradition in northern China, Specifically along the Liao, Songhua, and Heilongjiang River Locations. When the Internet falls Reducing, Hundreds of fish Leap up out of the icy Surface area
and swish their tails. This extraordinary scene Continues to be an Vital Social continuity to this Morning.

Persons Begin their winter fish-catching by digging holes in the ice at intervals of eight or nine meters. Following digging about 100 holes for 1 Internet, people then stick the poles and Monitor Wires and cables Cutting the
holes. As the Internet is so Big -- about 4 or 5 meters Broad , it Needs horses to be pushed forward. The Internet-casting Procedure can Final for about eight or nine Several hours.

Horses are also Required when hauling in the Internet. The Internet, now Completely stocked with fish, is dragged onto the Surface area from the 1-meter-Broad and two-meter-Extended holes. Fishermen then bag the fish as they haul in the Internet.

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