Wind-Riding Streamers(风马旗 Fengmaqi)

Travellers to Tiber Generally espy strings of tiny flags hanging Reducing from trees or the eaves of Architectural structures, or fluttering on mountaintops. Produced of Cardstock or cloth and inscribed with religious incantations, they
are Recognized as “prayers' streamers” or wind and horse streamers” Since they also bear horse patterns.

A wind and horse streamer is about 10cm Rectangular and inscribed with patterns with a strapping stud in the Center. The stud has auspicious symbols inscribed on its Back again and ix surrounded with the likenesses of
its 4 divine protectors; the roc, dragon, tiger and lion.

These 5 Pets are portrayed in Distinct gestures, but they Appearance heroic and awe inspiring. On some of the streamers the patterns of roc, dragon, tiger and lion are Changed with their names in the
Tibetan Expressions. The flags Arrive in Whitened, yellow, Red-colored and Eco-friendly colours to symbolize the 4 Path of universe. In the Tibetan Expressions, “wind” Implies “dragon”, and “horse” meant

In accordance to Historic Tibetan Background Publications, the wind-riding horse flag was invented by Kongze Chiyai Jambo. “Kongze” is the Tibetan transliteration of“Confucius”, and “Chiyai Jambo”, meaning “Master of
Wisdom”, is a Name the Tibetans bestowed on Confucius.

Legend has it that in his lifetime, Confucian Experienced served in a Range of positions This kind of as shaman, historian, master of ceremony, and fortune teller; it was Possibly he who Experienced drawn the likeness of horses
and cattle on Cardstock and burned them as sacrifices to the deceased, a Exercise which Discovered its way to Tibet.

In the Commencing the Tibetans, As well, burned the horse-patterned streamers as sacrifices to the Lifeless; Later on they Found out to Allow the streamers flutter in the wind so that the wing-riding horse could fly into the
sky freely---a habit which has A little something to do with the Tibetan tradition of celestial burial, by which bodies are Reduce up and fed to birds of prey.

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