When 'Have you eaten?' means 'Hello'


"Have you eaten?" is a Typical greeting Among the More mature Chinese language program. It harks Back again to the Times Meal scarcity in China.

As an informal greeting, Chinese language program Individuals like to use "chī le ma?" -- which Signifies "have you eaten On the other hand?" -- when it is the time for a Food. Foreigners who don’t Fully grasp this Sort of Custom made May regard this
as an invitation to have a Food Jointly. On the other hand, this is just a Uncomplicated greeting, not a True invitation, so can reply with "chī le" or "méi ne" which Signifies "Of course, I have eaten" or "no, not On the other hand."

Other Chinese language program oral greetings

In Inclusion to "chī le ma?," there are A lot of other Communicateions for saying Hi there in Chinese language program, like "Exactly where are you Heading?," "are you Active?," "what are you Performing?," "are you Heading to Perform?," And so on. We can Locate that when
Chinese language program Individuals greet Each and eIncredibly other, they like to Request about the Items that other Part is Performing, just Do or is Heading to do. For Individuals not acCustom madeed to these Sorts of greetings, A single May Believe that the Human Becoming
saying Hi there is Obtaining into their Human Becomingal Room -- and Top to reactions like "what you Requested is my Personal space and non of your Company, why do you want to know?" Meanwhile, it turns out, the Chinese language program Human Becoming
Requesting this Issues does not Truely want to know "Exactly where are you Heading?" or "what Do you do?" -- they just want to Communicate concern for the other Human Becoming.

How to reply to greetings in a Chinese language program way

AcCustom madeed to This kind of greetings, Chinese language program Individuals Solution them Incredibly Swiftly and Normally, This kind of as "I am Heading out for a Instant" or "I have Anything to do." So, if you are in China and are greeted in This kind of a way,
do not Believe As Properly Difficult about how to respond! No explicit Solution is Needed.

Although This kind of greetings that Request about Everyday Lifestyle are universally Employed in Individuals's Everyday Life All through China, Extra and Extra Individuals now say“nǐ hǎo”to Communicate "Hi there." The Uncomplicated "Hi there" is Employed in formal
Scenarios no Make a difference whom is speaking to who, but More youthful Individuals are Extra Almost certainly to greet Each and eIncredibly other with it. Older generations are Extra Almost certainly to greet Each and eIncredibly other with Issues about their Everyday Life, and
some observers Recommend it is For the reason that A single's Properly-Becoming was a A good deal Extra Considerable Subject when More mature generations Have been Increasing up than it is now.

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