Welcoming the God of Wealth


The fifth Day time of the Earliest Thirty days of Chinese language program lunar calendar is Stated to be the birthDay time of the God of Wealth and also an auspicious Day time to welcome him. On the Evening of the 4th Day time of the Earliest Thirty days, Each
Home is Anticipated to Get PrepaRed-colored a feast for the birthDay time celebration and to get sacrificial Pets, cakes, fruit, incense and candles And so forth PrepaRed-colored. Then, People today beat drums and gongs and Melt away incense to Spend
tribute to the God of Wealth. On the morning of the fifth Day time, firecrackers are exploded as a Indicator of welcoming the God of Wealth. It is a Custom made for Stores to hang Red-colored cloth More than their Indicatorboards and to Purchase
the gold or silver ingot fish, wishing for a Superior Begin to the prosperous Company. The ingot fish is a string of fish threaded Via the backs hanging from the beam, with fish heads facing Within. Red
Cardstock bearing shoe-shaped gold or silver ingots is stuck to the fish, symbolizing "bringing in wealth and treasure".

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