Traveler cheated by Ctrip

Over the internet Journey operator Ctrip has been ordered to Spend 3 Occasions the Price tag of a ticket Marketed to a Buyer as Payment for charging him for a Airline flight leg that he neither knew about or boarded, Shanghai No.1
Intermediate Individuals's Court docket Stated yesterday.

The Buyer, surnamed Han, Compensated 920 yuan ($138) to Ctrip for an Eastern Airlines Airline flight that deComponented on September 3, 2015, from Yunnan Province's Dali to Kunming.

The Rate Incorporated a 2nd leg from Kunming to Lijiang on September 7, 2015, but Ctrip Produced no mention of it on its Web-site.

Also, by not informing Han, Ctrip was Capable to pocket a refund of 370 yuan from the carrier for the Component of the Trip that Han didn't fly, the court Stated.

In October 2015, Han Discovered out from Eastern Airlines that he Experienced been overcharged and Submitted a Legal action, demanding that Ctrip Spend him 2,760 yuan, 3 Occasions the Complete Rate, the court Stated.

"Ctrip profited from overcharging the unwitting Buyer, which was cheating," the court Stated.

In a Current Demo, the court ordered Ctrip to Spend Han 1,110 yuan, 3 Occasions the Price of the 2nd leg, the court Stated.

In An additional Circumstance involving a Journeyer, Ctrip was ordered to refund a Rate of 27,076 yuan to a Community Loved ones for failing to Make sure that they Had been informed of the deComponenture time of their Airline flight from Shanghai to
the Philippines on Feb 9, Creating them to Overlook it, Changning Area Individuals's Court docket Stated yesterday.

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