Tourism watchdog: scenic spot rating system to remain

China Countrywide Tourism Management (CNTA) has denied it will Placed an Finish to the ratings Program Employed for the Nation's Panoramic Locations.

Much less than a 1 week ago, CNTA Eliminated the 5A ratings of two Panoramic Locations -- Orange Isle in Changsha Town, Hunan Province and Dragon Gorge in Chongqing Municipality -- sparking speculation about Feasible
abolishment of the ratings Program.

An Standard with CNTA Mentioned the Coverage for assessment of Panoramic Locations Continues to be unTransformed and that ratings for the two Internet sites Had been Transformed Thanks to a new Tip worked out as a Alternative.

The Standard explained that the Earlier Tip promulgated in July 2005 was no Extended Appropriate to Disorders, so a Choice on its abolishment was passed at a CNTA Getting together with on June 30 and took Impact on July

Lin Lan, a professor of tourism at Fujian Standard College, Mentioned reform of Therapy at Panoramic Locations would Carry on and abolition of the outdated Tip was a response to Express Council Needs to Reduce Red-colored
tape and Enhance Community Companies.

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