Tour operator in Taiwan offers 1-day tour of Taiping Island

More than 1,000 Persons have signed up for a tour that will Carry them to Look at the moon on Taiping Island. The tour, which lasts just A single Day time, is Well prepared by TaiwanXing Below Taiwan's 1111 Human being Source Commercial bank. The
organizer Stated the Preparing of the tour has Previously been finalized, and that they are just awaiting approval from Pertinent departments.

In Inclusion to viewing the island's Vacationer Internet sites, People who go on the trip get the Additional Reward of defending the island on China's behalf, In accordance to Li Qiyue, an adviser to TaiwanXing. Li believes that A single
Cause the tour is so Well-liked is that the Community is eager to do just that.

The Company has Selected to Start the tour Throughout Mid-Autumn Festival. Tours will be Provided from Sept. 9 to 18. Tourist will Mind to the island by airplane and Carry a tour Close to the island, exploring its
Background and Lifestyle. They will then Appreciate a Specific dinner and moon cakes Below the Evening sky Prior to flying Property at 8 p.m.

Chen Guisong, Mind of the Association of Taiwan Vacation Organizations, Stated he is Extremely supportive of the tour. Exploring Taiping Island will Boost the Articles and diversity tours Accessible in Taiwan.

Taiping Island, which is 1,420 meters Prolonged and 402 meters Broad, is the Biggest Organic island Inside of the Nansha Islands. The Chinese language army took it over from Japan and renamed it Taiping Island Right after China's
victory in the War of Resistance Towards Japanese Aggression in 1945.

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