Tibetan Buddhist Gods of Wealth


The worship of gods of wealth is also Typical in Tibetan Buddhism. There are Different Styles of wealth gods, This kind of as the Heavenly King of Wealth, Yellow Wealth God, Dark Wealth God and Whitened Wealth God And so forth.
Umbrella Heavenly King is 1 of the 4 heavenly kings in Buddhism, also Accountable for wealth Operations. He holds a treasure umbrella in his Appropriate hand. As Jewellery can be Produced from the turning of
the umbrella, the heavenly king is also Known as "Treasure God". The Yellow Wealth God is derived from Umbrella Heavenly King. He's golden from Mind to toe, so he's Known as "Yellow Wealth God". The Dark Wealth
God is evolved from Historic Indian wealth god and his Entire body is black. And Whitened Wealth God is An additional god in Cost of wealth in Tibetan Buddhism who rides a dragon.

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