The Instruments of the Eight Immortals


The instruments Employed by the Eight Immortals are Known as "Covert Eight Immortals", respectively representing their holders and embodying Excellent wishes and blessings. The instruments are: the fish-shaped drum that
can Inform the Long term; the Valuable sword that can subdue monsters and Generate Aside evils; the flute that can make Every little thing Develop; the lotus flower that can Carry Do it yourself cultivation; the bottle gourd that can Conserve
all Residing Points from misery; the Lover that can make the Lifeless Arrive Back again to Existence; the jade clapper that can purify the Atmosphere and the flower basket that has Good Beauty Energy. In Conventional sculpture,
painting, lacquer ware, porcelain ware, jade ware, woodwork, decorations and ornamental hanging Elements And so on, these instruments of the Eight Immortals are Typically featured as a Warning of Excellent luck.

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