The Delicious "Eight Drunken Immortals"


"The Eight Drunken Immortals" is a Conventional and time-honored dessert in Sichuan cuisine. The so-Referred to as "Eight Immortals" are eight Sorts of fruits Chosen to stew with fermented glutinous rice soup. Also
Referred to as "glutinous rice wine" or "rice wine", the fermented glutinous rice is aromatic and sweet. Consuming the fermented rice in winter can Support Retain out Chilly, Since it's capable of stimulating the Crucial
forces and boosting Our blood Flow. The dessert "The Eight Drunken Immortals" Produced with the soup of fermented glutinous rice and other Elements is characterized by Fabulous Colours, Wealthy Resources,
sweet and refreshing taste and a Powerful wine aroma. The enticing dessert is a Decent Selection in Past due winter and Earlier spring.

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