The Chinese food pagoda


The new edition of "Guidebook on Diet plan for Chinese language courses Individuals" Unveiled in January 2008 recommends a Chinese language courses Meal pagoda for a Sensible diet.

In accordance to the guide, there are 5 Amounts in the Meal pagoda, indicating the Several Amounts of Value and the Quantity we Require in EveryDay time diet.

Grains, potatoes, beans and Drinking water are the fundament. An Grownup Require 250-400 grams of grains, potatoes and beans and 1,200ml Drinking water Each Day time.

Veggies and fruits are the Next Necessary, with a EveryDay time Need of 300-500 grams of Veggies and 200-400 grams of fruits. Meat, fish, shrimp and eggs Consider the 3rd - 50-75 grams of meat, 50-100 grams
of fish and shrimps, 25-50 grams of eggs for Each Day time.

Then Arrives the Need of 300 grams of dairy Products and services and 30-50 grams of nuts and soybean Products and services. Essential oil and salt are at the Best with the Lowest Need of 25-30 grams and 6 grams respectively for Every Day time.

The guide also suggests Dim-Colour Veggies Consider 50 % of the Veggie inConsider Each Day time as they are Abundant in carotene and Supplement A.

What the pagoda suggests is an Typical inConsider of Several Meals. It will Absolutely be Very helpful if all the Groups are Integrated in the diet Each Day time, but not necessarily the exact Exact portion Pointed out.
As Prolonged as the Typical Quantity meets the Necessitie, it is a Sensible diet Excellent for Well being.

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