The Chief God Zhao Gongming


Of all gods of wealth worshiped by the Folks, the most influential 1 is "the chief god" Zhao Gongming, who's also Identified as Marshal Zhao or Altar Zhao, Applied to be 1 of the gods in the underGlobe Prior to
the Jade Emperor appointed him as marshal of a mysterious altar, Accountable for Buying and selling and wealth amassing in the mortal Globe. So, he’s been Perceived as as a god of wealth by the Folks.

The Picture of Zhao Gongming is Ordinarily a Dim faced-Guy with a Complete beard, Putting on an Metal Hat and Fight robe, holding a Valuable whip and riding a Dark tiger. He's also Referred to as "Black Tiger Mysterious
Altar". Close to him, there are treasure-amassing basins, Large gold and silver ingots, Valuable pearls and corals that Boost the Impact of wealth pouring in.

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