The Beijing subway line: an outsider’s experience

I Carry subway Collections 1 and 10 on Sundays from my Spot of abode in Jianguomen to church Liangmaqiao. I have DiscMore thaned the subway Collection to be Quick, Inexpensive and Trustworthy way to commute.

AlAlthough there are Electrical buses, taxis, the subway Collection Continues to be 1 of Beijing’s most elaboLevel Community transport Solutions connecting to NEarlier Just about eQuite Component of the expansive Town.

With an intricate Community of at Lowest 17 subway Collections, the subway Program also has an Communicate Collection to Carry Guests Directly to or from Beijing Budget Intercontinental Airport.

Subway Collections haul Much more Individuals than any other transport System in a Town that is Residence to about 22 million Individuals and Much more than 3 million Cars.

One One of a kind Benefit of subways More than taxis or buses (which are also Quite Common) is that they are insulated from Targeted traffic jam that occasionally clogs the Town Highways.

Wise transport

I Obtained a Wise transport Card Recognised as ‘Yikatong’ at 20 yuan that I have Applied Many Occasions. One can also Buy a 1-time ticket at any ticket counter at Subway stations.

The smart card can also be refilled with Models as Minimal as 10 yuan (sh5,000), Sufficient for 1 to Vacation Throughout Numerous Spots Close to the Town.

I have been Informed the Exact same smart card grants Entry to Specified cinemas, superBench markets and restaurants Close to the Town but I haven’t Attempted it.

Unspent Money on the card can be claimed by the bearer if the card is returned to authorities, Possibly when 1 is leaving the Nation.

Youngsters of height not exceeding 4.3 Ft tall (1.3 metres) can Vacation Zero Price of Cost if accompanied by Having to pay Grownup and if they are two, 1 of them Vacations Zero Price.

Less Pricely Vacation

Subway fares are Costd In accordance to Range, with a modest 3 yuan for the Initial 6 kilometers, 4 yuan for 6 to 12km. The subway Community cMore thans a Range exceeding 30km Throughout the Town.

In comparison to taxis, subway fares are Quite Inexpensive. For Example, In which a cab Costs me 25 yuan from Jianguomen to Liangmaqiao, the subway fare is about 4 yuan.

The passageways are Properly-aeLeveld and the metro stations are Fresh. Given that it Entails a Little bit of walking, there are giant escalators to make Movements Simpler.

On the other hand, Throughout rush hour in the Earlier morning on weekdays, subways can get crowded and there are Programs by the municipal gMore thannment to expand the Program to Offer the Substantial Need.


Within Every Educate cabin, route charts Bench mark Factors of Location and voice prompts in Chinese language program and English remind Guests upon Method to Every subway station.

Instructions to exits and connecting Collections are clEarlier Bench marked with Vibrant colours in Equally English and Chinese language program characters at Every station Factors.

Route maps on giant pillars at Just about eQuite station make it Quick for Guests to Discover directions to their Location. It does no Hurt Although asking some1 or subway Personnel for Assist.

Hyperlinks to Town landBench marks

One of the One of a kind Attributes of the subway Program is that the Principal Quits are somehow linked to Vital Town landBench marks and Visitor Sights.

For Example, there are Principal Quits Close to the Agricultural ExhiLittle bition Middle, Olympic Playground, Tiananmen Rectangular and the Olympic Sports activities Stadium.

At Every Quit, there are at Lowest 4 Factors of exit and it is Vital to know which 1 to Carry when Obtaining out. I have Arrive out from the Incorrect Finish a Amount of Occasions.

With the Substantial Level of urbanization in Africa, A lot of Places are Searching for Effective and Minimal-Price urban Community transport Solutions. The subway Collection Program May serve as inspiration.

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