Stealing "Beam Tree"


The Tujia Folks would Location a crossbeam on the ridge of the Middle hall when Creating wooden stilted Homes. Beam is Extremely valued, as they Think that it symbolizes their prosperity in the Potential.

Yet, the tree of which the beam is Produced Have to be stolen for Someplace. Prior to Creating Home, the host would secretly Validate a stout and exuberant fir tree in the mountain Owned and operated by the neighboring
Homehold (stoutness stands for flourishing offspring, Whilst exuberance stands for Terrific and lasting undertaking). At a propitious hour at the Evening before the Evening when crossbeam is Locationd, the host will
invite A number of Powerful Youthful Adult males, Melt Aside a box of Cardstock beside the tree, chop it Along, and lift it Aside. They are prohibited from Obtaining a Relaxation or Speaking on the way Till they arrive at the host's Home.

The Subsequent Evening, the tree Seller will know that his tree was stolen by Somebody to make crossbeam when seeing the ash of incense and Cardstock beside the stump. He would be Content Instead than angry, for this Signifies
that his mountain Acreage has favorable geomantic oAdult males Considering that it has fostered "beam tree" favored by Other people.

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