Stealing Rice Bowl


Stealing rice bowl is 1 of the peculiar Wedding party customs in the stilted Homes of Tujia ethnic Set.

Following the Wedding party Group arrives at the bride's Home and goes Via a Technique Total of humor and wit, the host will Put together banquet fervently to feast the Friends. When Getting lunch, Many
"undiscriminating" People in the Wedding party Group will hide the rice bowls secretly in the chest or the armpit. Following arriving at the bridegroom's Home, the "stealers" will Consider out the "stolen Products" and Stroll
into the Kitchen area swaggeringly, waiting for the host’s award. The host will be joyful and award pork to the "stealers" In accordance to the Amount of bowls stolen by them. It turns out that This kind of stolen bowls are
Referred to as by Tujia Persons as "Cloth-Income Bowl". The Much more bowls stolen, the Much more affluent and flourishing is the Lifestyle of the bride and bridegroom in the Long term.

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