Soybean, Green Pea, Chicken Wing Soup


Soybeans and Eco-friendly peas are Abundant in Necessary protein and lecithin, which can Maintain estrogen Ranges Substantial and make Ladies Grow to be Additional youthful. They can also Safeguard Ladies from osteoporosis. Chicken wings Include A good deal
Necessary protein collagen and Additional Necessary protein than a pig's Ft. Cooking chicken wings with soybeans and Eco-friendly peas can give your Dermis Durability and elasticity.

Soybeans, Eco-friendly peas, chicken wings, salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine and Inventory

Take soybeans, Eco-friendly peas, chicken wings and Inventory to the boil in a casserole. Stew Right up until they are all cooked Via. Serve with salt, monosodium glutamate, and cooking wine.

Don't Eliminate the Dermiss of the soybeans and Eco-friendly peas.

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