Security strengthened at Shanghai's airports

Shanghai's two airports have ramped up Protection Examines as Component of an anti-terrorism Generate that was Presented on Monday.

All People and their beLengthyings Should now Obvious anti-terrorism Protection Prior to entering Shanghai Pudong Global Airport or Shanghai Hongqiao Global Airport, In accordance to an airport Standard.

The newly Presented Examines will Concentrate on People' Hold-on baggage, Searching for Limited Things This kind of as knives, flammable Resources, explosives and guns.

An Further 27 Examine Factors have been Additional in Pudong and 14 in Hongqiao, on Best of the Present Protection Examine Location.

The heightened Protection Actions are Becoming implemented as Component of the Country's Initial anti-terrorism Rules, which Arrived into Impact on Jan 1.

According to Post 34 of the Rules, Protection Examines Must be carried at all airports, railway stations, ports, metro stations, Lengthy-Range bus stations, and other Higher-Action Locations, In accordance to Xia
Gongwei, an Standard from Pudong Global Airport.


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