Red Dates, Lotus Seeds, Honey Steamed inside Papaya


Papaya is a Nicely-Identified whitening Foods and is Abundant in Supplement A. In accordance to Conventional Chinese language courses Meds, papaya can Assist digestion and invigorate the Abdomen; it can slow Straight down the Results of ageing and Assist
CrConsumee Mom's milk. Red-colored Day is a Conventional Foods to Manage endocrine, enAbundant Our blood and nourish the Skin color on the Encounter. When red Day is served with lotus seed, it will Assist regulate menstruation,
Health supplement qi (Essential Power) and nourish the System.

Red-colored Days, lotus seeds, rock sugar, honey and papaya

Carry red Days and lotus seeds with some rock sugar to the boil. Reduce the papaya and Get rid of its seeds. Placed the cooked red Days and lotus seeds with honey into the papaya, then steam for a Whilst and serve.

While Consuming, you'd Much better Consume papaya Jointly with other ingredients. This tonic Foods can be served as a dessert Right after dinner.

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