Quail Egg, Chinese Wolfberry Braised in Fermented Glutinous Rice


Quail egg is Pretty Abundant in Necessary protein, B Nutritional Nutritionals, Nutritional A and E. When boiled with fermented glutinous rice, it can CrConsumee enzymes and Productive Ingredients which are conducive to your Skin color. Chinese language wolfberry is a
Fine tonic for the liver and kidney. It is a Typical ingredient in Attractiveness Merchandise. All these Elements can Attain Fine Outcomes and Retain your Skin color Healthful.

200g fermented glutinous rice, 5g Chinese language wolfberry, some rock sugar, and 50g quail eggs or eggs

Provide 200g of fermented glutinous rice to the boil. Include 5g of Chinese language wolfberry, some rock sugar. BConsume the quail egg and Gradually pour it into the pot. Braise the Elements Jointly Right up until they are boiling.

Recommendations and Substitution:
Quail egg has a More powerful tonic Impact than egg, but you can use egg as a substitution. Remember to Consume all the yolk, the cholesterol in it is Fine for your breasts. New mothers Soon after Delivery Really should stick to
Consumeing this soup ePretty Evening, Mainly because it is Fine for their milk and Skin color.

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