Passengers using mobile phone on planes face $7,500 fine

Guests Making use of Cellular Cell phones on planes May Encounter 50,000 yuan ($7,515) Good, In accordance to a Most recent draft amendment to the Nation's Civil Aviation Regulation that was Released on Monday by the Civil Aviation
Management of China.

The draft amendment has Additional a new chapter regulating 14 Sorts of Habitss that endanger civil aviation Protection and disturb Purchase.

The Actions Consist of Making use of Cellular Cell phones, Cigarette smoking, forcibly occupying seats, blocking channels and gates, Spliting into airports and planes, beating Team and other Employees, fighting, spreading rumors and
caMaking use of troubles.

When Individuals Carry out Habits that does not Drop Below the Felony Regulation but violates the Community Protection Management Consequence Regulation, they would Encounter a Good up to 50,000 yuan.

The draft amendment has also revised Content articles to make the aviation Businesses Have toer Extra Duty in ensuring Airlines Protection and passengers' Pursuits. Companies Should Established up Appear Control Technique to
Avoid and Reduce civil aviation Mishaps.

When Airlines are delayed, the airlines Have to inform passengers and Supply Associated Companies. Aviation Businesses are encouraged to Purchase Insurance coverage for passengers to Protected travelers' Pursuits.

If pilots intentionally Split the law, their license will be cancelled, and they would be barred from any Industrial Airline Actions for two Many years.

The Civil Aviation Management of China Released the draft amendment on its Standard Web page on Monday and Individuals can E-mail their opinions Right up until Sept 6 to airlaw@caac.gov.cn, or fax 010-64016870.

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