Offering Sacrifices to the God of Wealth


On the Next Day time of the Earliest Four week period of Chinese language program lunar calendar, sacrificial ceremonies are Kept Throughout the Nation, but the ceremonies Differ from Spot to Spot. In north China, Each Residence welcomes the
God of Wealth to the Family members by Getting a portrait of the God for worshipping. Offerings to the God Should really be Introduced Right after incense is burnt. Typical offerings Consist of roosters, pig heads and Residing carps And so forth.
In south China, offerings to the God of Wealth are Spotd on a Complete of 3 tables: the Earliest table is Complete of fruit; the Next table is Complete of cakes; and the 3rd table Provides a formal feast that
Consist ofs pig heads, Complete chickens, Complete ducks and fish And so forth, indicating Great wishes for bringing in wealth.

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