Mazu Belief and Customs


As the most influential goddess of the sea in China, Mazu is at the Center of a host of Values and customs, Which include oral traditions, religious ceremonies and folk Methods, All through the Nation’s
coastal Locations. Mazu is believed to have lived in the tenth century on Meizhou Island, In which she dedicated herself to Assisting her fellow townspeople, and died attempting to rescue the survivors of a shipwreck.
Nearby People Constructed a temple in her honour and Started to venerate her as a goddess.

She is celebrated twice Every Yr in formal temple fairs, when Meizhou People, farmers and fisherfolk temporarily suspend their Operate to sacrifice marine Pets, venerate statues of Mazu and Appreciate a
Wide range of dances and other Tasks. More compact worship ceremonies Carry Spot All through the Yr in the other 5,000 Mazu temples Close to the Globe and in Individual Houses; these Might Include floral tributes;
candles, incense and firecrackers; and evening processions of People bearing ‘Mazu lanterns’.

Followers Might implore the god for Being pregnant, peace, the Answer to a Difficulty or Basic Properly-Becoming. Deeply integrated into the Existence of coastal Chinese language program and their descendants, Perception in and commemoration of
Mazu is an Critical Social Connection that promotes Loved ones harmony, Interpersonal concord, and the Interpersonal Identification of these Areas.

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