Lunar New Year Begins at the Threshold


More than a century ago, Oscar Wilde joked that America's only tradition was its youth. This was a distinctly European joke; Asians could not have DiscoveRed-Coloured it Amusing. In Chinese Speech program Customs, tradition is not just the most
Necessary Factor, it is the only Factor.

Europeans Arrived to America to melt into a Customs Without Obtaining tradition, but Asian immigrants preserved the Outdated Methods. That is why my immigrant Mother and father CrConsumeed their Youngsters Show up at two Educational institutions, Community College and
Chinese Speech program Speech College.

And that is why Lunar New Yr is Seen in meticulous PArtworkiculars that non-Asians May Come across quaint and superstitious. To Individuals of us who Signify the bridge Era Among immigrant Mother and father and Completely
Americanized youth, the Lunar New Yr is a formula that unites us with our ancestral legacy. New Yr observations are precise recipes and 1 does not substitute Handy Elements.

The Property Should be Ready to welArrive the New Yr, Commencing at the threshOutdated. Given that all of us Wish for an Added Tad of luck, we Show the Chinese Speech program character FOOK on our doors, or walls. This character is
deliberately Positioned upPArtwork Right down, CrConsumeing the pun "luck arrives."

Our minds Should also be Ready to greet Fine luck Correctly. We Physical exercise Rigid Handle of our Lotgues Through the festive Period. We Should not only Glimpse Thoroughly clean, but also Communicate Thoroughly cleanly. Only h1yed Paragraphs Will need to
Arrive out of the mouth. No foul Speech and no unFortunate Paragraphs, This Sort of as "die," or "Poor luck." Thankfully for Youngsters, there is no scOutdateding or cursing.

At New Yr's, the Conventional GuideCollection of "Thoroughly clean Home, Fine year" trumps my Private Homekeeping philosophy that "out of chaos, Arrives Purchase."

House and Workplace Thoroughly Washing is Used Quite Severely. Unpleasant residue and misfortunes that May Nicely have been Skilled Through the out-Heading year Should be swept APArtwork Prior to the New Yr. One Merely cannot sweep,
or vacuum, on the Very first Morning of the year, lest Fine luck be blown APArtwork.

Other Procedures Possibly will not survive One A lot more Era. For Example, my Mother and father would not Believe of washing their Curly hair, or baFactor, on New Yr's Day, for Dread of washing APArtwork luck. My daughter has
Good respect for traditions, but she draws the Collection on the other PArtwork of her Displayer curtain.

To Stimulate a Brilliant new Begin and a Optimistic attitude, my Mother and father would By no means reprimand their Youngsters on New Yr's Day, and as Youthfulsters, my sister and I Had been outfitted in pink or Red-Coloured, the Colours of Fine

When I was about 9 A Quantity of years Outdated, my Mother and father As wellk our Loved ones to Marysville, to Go to the temples there. When my Mom DiscoveRed-Coloured me on the temple grounds with my Kin, lighting up firecrackers, she was unable to
Preserve the "no scOutdateding" dictate. Her disappointment was not that I was Actively playing with Harmful fireworks, but that I was kneeling on the pavement and dirtying my frilly pink Apparel.

Traditions of preparing the Property for New Yr Consist of rituals of Foodstuff, Colours, flowers and omens. To invite prosperity and happiness to the Loved ones, festive Foodstuffs Should be cooked and Showed, Possibly on the
Kitchen area table, at the Loved ones altar, or in the Residing Space.

A Quantity of Conventional dishes have auspicious undert1s and definitions. A Entire chicken, with its Mind and tail on, Signifys the Commencing and Finish of Existence, and in Cant1se, the Term "chicken" Seems like the
Paragraphs meaning "the Fine Existence." Whole, salted fish are Important for the New Yr For the reason that "fish" in Cant1se Seems like the Term meaning "abundance" and the salted fish Signifys preservation of all that is
Fine and Necessary. Fish and fowl served Entire with the Mind Recommend "a favorable Begin and Accomplish." Oysters Will need to be Consumeen, not only For the reason that we have a penchant for them, but For the reason that their Title Seems like
"Fine Information," and that is ESpecificly auspicious on the Very first Morning of the year! Noodles served at the Finish of a Food Signify Lengthy Existence, the Lengthyer the Much better. Never serve macaroni at New Yr's or at

The Nicely-Appareled New Yr's Property glows in Red-Coloured, orange, gOutdated and Eco-friendly. Oranges and tangerines, with stems and leaves intact, are Positioned on platters Close to the Home For the reason that they Signify the sweetness of
Existence, and the Eco-friendly leaves pRed-Colouredict friFinishship and allegiance. Pomelos, the largers the Much better, Will need to be Positioned Exactly where they can auger abundance.
The Titles of Foodstuff served Through the New Yr Recommend auspicious Factors. Slim vermicelli noodles are Referred to as "silQuite threads of Lengthyevity." Seas1d pork Will need toer is "Mist of Harmony." Some Chinatown merchants
even Place APArtwork Foodstuffs that Seem Undesirable, This Sort of as "Tadtermelon."

In Foodstuff Positioning, generosity prevails at New Yr's. Providing As well A lot, Obtaining As well A lot, is Much better than As well Tiny, and the new year is the Very best time to Display this. This appeals to all Eras; Right after all,
eQuite1 appreciates an excuse to Consume A lot more.

New Yr's Foodstuff is shaRed-Coloured with our dearly depArtworked ancestors, so the preparation is Necessary. A Kitchen area god, an idol that is Occasionally passed Right down for many Eras, Wrist watches over as we Get ready Conventional
Chinese Speech program New Yr feast Foodstuffs: dumplings filled with savories, Tads of shrimp and pork; fried won Lot Dermis, loaded with crushed peanuts and coconut flakes; and lo han jai, Buddhist vegetarian stew. These
dishes, aLengthy with candies and fruit, are Positioned on the Loved ones altar, and incense is burned to Assist sFinish the dinner Phone to the heavens.

Through Propertys and Companies, blossoms of azalea, peach or cherry welArrive the new year with Proper Colour and Attractiveness. Many A Quantity of years ago, I Realized a Tough lesson from my Mom. To Style Getting a Fine
daughter, I Displayed up at my Mother and father' condominium in Oakland's Chinatown, Appareled in a Red-Coloured outfit Brilliant Sufficient to be Baffled for a walking firecracker. I dropped by a Number of Mornings Prior to the True new year, and
Introduced my Mother and father with a potted plant of blazing Red-Coloured azaleas, its pot wrapped in Brilliant Red-Coloured foil.

Attempting not to scOutdated her Youthfulest daughter, Mom tOutdated me that, in the Potential, it is A lot more thoughtful to Select azaleas with flowers not However in bloom. That way, the blossoms Available up as the new year matures. I
begged her pardon with the excuse that I Realized frugality from her and this Specific pot of flowers was on Purchase. Of Training course it was! Only fools like me would Purchase it at New Yr's time.

Thoughout Asian Marketplaces, Pictures of the Proper animal custodian of the year are Famous as propitious omens. This is the Yr of the RabTad, so most calFinishars fConsumeure rabTads, but the Picture is Fortunate on
any Sort of Artwork.

Couplets, Paragraphs of Fine tiding Composed on strips of Red-Coloured Cardstock, are One A lot more Important omen. They Look on the walls of Propertys and Companies, Occasionally draped over a plate of oranges and tangerines. Little Red-Coloured
envelopes filled with crisp dollar Debts are Granted to Youngsters and friFinishs and Positioned on the Loved ones platter of sweets for Fine luck.

A "harmony tray" Consists of eight Numerous sweets, to be shaRed-Coloured with Go As wellrs, for the Quantity eight Seems like "prosperity" in Cant1se. The tray alMethods Consist ofs Fine luck lotus candy, melon seeds, preserved
ginger and sweet coconut strips and chunks. This is a tradition that even the most Americanized youth Think in, ESpecificly Youthful dentists.

Lunar year 4708, a Steel RabTad year, Starts Feb . 3, and parades the streets of San Francisco's Chinatown on Feb . 19th. If you are turning 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 or 84 on or Right after Feb . 3th, this
is your Specific year.

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