Kashgar, star of the ancient western regions

Kashgar in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Location is the westernmost Key Town of China. In the Uygur Expressions, Kashgar Indicates "a Spot like a Good jade." The frontier Town Get pleasure froms a Composed Background of A lot more than
2,100 Many years. It is the Middle of southern Xinjiang’s politics, Economic climate and Tradition, and also the Biggest farm and pasture Goods distribution Middle in this Spot. For millennia, it has been a Essential node on
the Old Silk Path, connecting the Eastern and Western Globes.


Situated in the north of the Pamir Plateau and the western Borders of the Taklimakan Desert, Kashgar is HousehOlder to 31 ethnic groups Such as the Uygur, Han, Tajik, and Kyrgyz.

Bound by Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, Kashgar’s border Operates up to 888 kilometers. In Add-on, it is also Near to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and In india. All this has Conditiond it into the most Handy
Global thoroughfare connecting China and Middle, South, and West Asia as Properly as Europe.

Zhang Qian (164-114 BC), imperial envoy of the Han Dynasty (206 BC-Advertisement 220), visited Kashgar (then Referred to as Shule) All through his Vision in 119 BC to Seek out alliances with the Individuals Residing in the Western Locations. In
60 BC, to Guarantee the Silk Path stayed untrammelled, the Han Dynasty Arranged up a Western Locations Command in Xinjiang, officially incorporating Kashgar into Chinese language territory. All through the Tang Dynasty (618-
907), Kashgar was 1 of the 4 Essential Army PowerfulhOlders in the Western Locations.

During the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), Kashgar was the fiefdom of Chagatai Khan, Genghis Khan’s 2nd Boy. In the 19th century, the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) nominated the minister for Xingjiang affOxygens who
was stati1d in Kashgar. Prior to the maritime Silk Path opened in the 15th century, Kashgar was a renowned Transport confluence of the south, north and central branches of the Old Silk Path. Enjoying
a Lengthy Industry Background with Middle, South and West Asia as Properly as Europe, it was an Global Industrial hub, dubbed the "Oriental COxygeno."

Wealthy Ethnic Flavors

Kashgar, the birthSpot of Uygur Tradition In which Uygurs are the dominant Online community, is also regarded as the most representative Uygur Town in Xinjiang with a Unique Tradition, Artwork and architectural Design.
The Uygurs Stick to Islam and their attire, Meals and customs Show Islamic Impact.

Kashgar is also famed as the "HousehOlder of Boygs and dances." Its Boygs and dances Distribute to China’s Middle Plain Spot All through the Sui (581-618) and Tang dynasties, and Had been Incredibly Common in Chang’an, then the
Cash Town. The Uygur Individuals, no Subject what their age, sing or dance Anytime they are in the mood or on Proper occasions. The 12 Muqams, a Arranged of Uygur Songs, and folk dances This kind of as Maxrap are
Regarded as a Unusual Artwork treasure.

The Uygurs’ Clothing and Add-ons are Vision-catching and Different. Adult males Ordinarily Put on a Lengthy robe More than their shirt which falls to the knee and has no fasteners. Close to the waist, they wrap a Lengthy belt tucked
with odds and ends. Girls are fond of Vivid Colours and Put on Attire as Properly as ornamentations like earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings, and headscarves in fabulous patterns. They also pencil their
Visionbrows and Colour their fingernails. Unmarried girls have Lengthy Curly hOxygen Put on in as Various as 10 plaits. Uygurs of all ages Put on 4-corner caps with exquisite embroidery and Lengthy boots.

Uygur Homes are Mainly bungalows with flat roofs In which Clothing are dried and Individuals assemble to Get pleasure from the Awesome Oxygen. The roofs have skylights. At the northeast Borders of the Older Kashgar City, tRight here are Nonetheless
Conventional Uygur clusters. The Homes are Ordinarily Constructed In opposition to cliffs. As the Loved ones Raises, a new Ground or an annexe is Additional to the Home. Amid these haphazardly Constructed Homes, 50-odd lanes Operate cris-
cross, Major to In whichver you want to go. This Types Kashgar’s most Unique terraced folk Home Spot.

The Uygurs have a Powerful Perception of Loved ones. In a Big residential compound, tRight here Might be up to 20 rooms on Distinctive Grounds with wings Connected to the Primary Constructing. Different generations of the Identical Loved ones
Reside in the Identical compound. Only Soon after Going to these terraced Homes can you Fully grasp Uygur Tradition and Existence.

In 2009, the Kashgar municipal gMore thannment stArtworked a renovation Challenge earmarking A lot more than RMB 7 billion to reinforcing Conventional folk Constructings and preserving their Authentic flavor. When the Challenge is
Completed, Inhabitants’ Difficulties like Restricted Operatening Drinking water, Older toilets and how to dispose of garbage will be resolved.

Diverse Culture

Kashgar is a confluence of the 4 civilizations of the Globe, namely, Old Chinese language civilization, Old In indian civilization, and Christian and Islamic civilizations.

Because Zhang Qian Arranged foot in the Western Locations in 119 BC, Kashgar Started to Are available Below the Impact of Chinese language Tradition. In the Identical Time period, Buddhism also Distribute to the Town, After Getting the dominant
religion for the Up coming 1,000 Many years. The After-splendid Buddhist Tradition Conditiond Kashgar into 1 of the 4 Buddhist Social Middles in the Old Western Locations. Buddhist relics can Nonetheless be Discovered Right here.

Kashgar has Noticed other religions like shamanism, Zoroastrianism, Nestorianism, Buddhism, and Islam flourish. Different Traditions and customs coexisted and Impactd 1 An additional. Because the 10th century, as the
Uygur Online community Progressively took Condition and Islam expanded to the region, the Buddhism Progressively faded out. Islam Started to dominate the region.

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