Inner Mongolia opens two new international air routes

North China's Inside Mongolia Autonomous Area opened new Global Oxygen routes on Friday to Thailand and Russia.

A Thai AirAsia Airbus 330 will fly Ordos to Pattaya As soon as a Few days, covering the Range in 4.5 Several hours.

A new Web page link from Ordos to Russia's Irkutsk Operate by Tianjin Airline will fly Each and every Monday and Friday Getting 2.5 Several hours.

The Oxygenport was accredited by the Point out Council as an Global Oxygen hub in January and its Very first Global route was to Seoul and Ideas flights to Ulan Bator and Hong Kong.

Ordos is about 300 km from the regional Budget Hohhot. Its Brand translates into "Several palaces" in Mongolian. The Town, with a Populace of 1.94 million, has Abundant coal and Organic Gasoline reserves. For Visitors,
its Main Points of interest Consist of the tomb of Genghis Khan, deserts and ruins of an Old civilization dating Back again Nearly 50,000 Many years.

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HOHHOT, Aug. 4 (Xinhua) - A non-stop flight between Baotou in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and Ulan Bator, Mongolia, started for the current week.

Mongolia's Hunnu Air will work the administration, the principal coordinate air course between the two urban areas, with a Fokker-50 flying machine. The lady flight was on Wednesday. The excursion takes around three hours every way.

The National Office of Port Administration in June affirmed the exit and passage of household and outside brief traveler sanction flights at Baotou Airport, compelling from July 1 through the finish of 2016.

Worldwide flights will help Inner Mongolia to incorporate its improvement with the "Belt and Road" activity through further opening up, said the authority.

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