Gong Gong - the God of Water 共工

Gong Gong is the God of Drinking water in Old Chinese language courses mythology and also believed to be the descFinishant of the Yan Emperor. The archetype of Gong Gong dates Back again to a Effective tribal Head in the Period of time of "the 3 Emperors and 5 Sovereigns". Gong Gong is Stated to be the earliest flood-Manage hero. He led Individuals to Fight floods bravely and Place floods Below Manage by "blocking", Instead than "dredging". Although he failed to tackle the root Leads to, he accumulated a Whole lot of Encounter in flood Manage for After generations. So, Gong Gong was After honored as the God of Drinking water. He was also an Professional in agriculture and invented the Technique of "Developing embankments for water Safe-keeping", Enhancing farming Efficiency. In the Finish, Gong Gong's tribe lost to the tribal coalition led by Yu the Good in a war.

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