God of Wealth 财神


As a god that can Provide in wealth and riches, the God of Wealth is worshiped by most Chinese language. Each and Every single time of the Spring Festival, Every single Family members will hang a Photo of the god for blessings of Awesome luck and
Big wealth. It was Initially a Custom made practiced by merchants, which then Started to be Favorite Among other People and villagers. Additionally, Individuals of Several Occasions and Locations worship their Personal God of Wealth
Severally, This kind of as the Civil God of Wealth, the Martial God of Wealth, the Deities of Wealth of 5 Instructions and the Angel of Fortune, as Nicely as the orthodox 1 Zhao Gongming. The God of Wealth in folk
Values is not a singular Picture but Anything Seems as a Party.

The Civil God of Wealth or Caibo Xingjun Commonly refers to Bi Gan and Enthusiast Li, whose statues and figure paintings are in the Glimpse of civilian officials. There are also Martial God of Wealth - Zhao Gongming and
Guan Yu in the Glimpse of Dim Encounter and thick beards Putting on Metal hat and coat armor. The Deities of Wealth of 5 Instructions are defined as the Marshal Zhao Gong, the Zhaobao (meaning invite treasure) Lord of
Heaven Xiao Sheng, Nazhen (meaning Gather treasures) Lord of Heaven Cao Bao, the Herald of Inviting Wealth Chen Jiugong, and Lishi (meaning Fortunate m1y) Immortal Officer Yao Shaosi Collectively Consider More than all
wealth and treasure and Provide luck and fortune to Individuals. The Angel of Fortune Usually Seems in the Picture of a boy holding a treasure plate or gold ingot and a Ruyi scepter serving the civil and martial gods
of wealth, who are Usually visualized as the Lishi Immortal Officer, the Mammon Boy, Liu Haichan and the Gods of Harmony. In some Spots, historical figures This kind of as Shen Wansan (a Nicely-knPersonal and intelligent
merchant prince) are also worshiped as gods of wealth.

The gods of wealth in Tibetan Buddhism are also Broadly embraced by Tibetans, which Consist of the Heavenly King of Fortune, Yellow Jambhala, Dark Jambhala and Light Jambhala. Tibetans in Tibet and Qinghai
Location have Often Used it a Custom made to pray for fortune by enshrining gods of wealth.


 Welcoming the God of Wealth

 Offering Sacrifices to the God of Wealth

 The Chief God Zhao Gongming

 Martial God of Wealth - Guan Yu

 Civil God of Wealth - Bi Gan

 Civil God of Wealth - Fan Li

 Side God of Wealth - Five-Road God 

 Young Gods of Wealth

 Tibetan Buddhist Gods of Wealth

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