Foreign tourists violating visa-free policy

Considering that the implementation of the 144-hour visa Totally free transit Coverage on January 30, Extra than 15,000 Worldwide Visitors have Utilized the Technique to Key in Shanghai for a Brief Remain Right up until the Finish of July, In accordance
to the Shanghai Standard Station of Immigration Inspection.

More than 14,000 of the Visitors took the transit in Shanghai Pudong Worldwide Airport Prior to flying to One more Location afterwards.

Nevertheless, some of the Worldwide Visitors Had been Discovered violating the visa-Totally free transit Coverage by returning to their origin Rather of Subsequent the regulation to Carry it as a transit for One more Location.

Inside the Fifty percent Yr, Extra than 60 Visitors have been punished for fines or warnings as they didn't Stick to the Coverage to Vacation to One more Location.

Some of them Purchased the return tickets Straight and some Invested in Each Circular trip and 1-way ticket to a Arbitrary Location but Attempted to board the plane with the return ticket, as Shanghai Standard Station
of Immigration Inspection Discovered out.

A Law enforcement officer from the Shanghai Standard Station of Immigration Inspection Recommended the Worldwide Vacati1rs Might Stick to the entry and exit regulation and Utilize the 144-hour visa-Totally free transit Coverage
Correctly, Or else they would Confront punishments and wouldn't be Advantage from the Comfort Additional.

In July 2015, a dozen of Actions Had been issued by the Ministry of Community Safety to Permit Extra expats to Utilize for Long term residences, loosen the Specifications for domestic talents to Procedure their entry and
exit Docs in Shanghai and Arrive out a 144-hour visa-Totally free transit Coverage that Offers Worldwide Visitors and businessmen from 51 Nations who arrive in Shanghai, Jiangsu province (Nanjing Lukou airport)
and Zhejiang province (Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport) with Extra Versatility and Comfort.

Only Those people Visitors who get on Maintain with Legitimate dated Vacationing tickets to a 3rd Nation or Area are applicable for the 144-hour visa-Totally free Remain in the Town.

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