Eight Immortals 八仙

The Eight Immortals are a Team of legendary Taoist immortals in Chinese language program mythology.

There Have been Various Types of the Eight Immortals' names Prior to the Ming Dynasty, when Wu Yuantai Authored The Eight Immortals DeComp1nt and Journey to the East, in which the names Have been Created Specific as Metal
Crutch Li (Tieguai Li), Han Zhongli (Zhongli Quan), Lü Dongbin, Elder Zhangguo (Zhang Guo Lao), Imperial Uncle Cao (Cao Guojiu), Philosopher Hanxiang (Han Xiang Zi), Lan Caihe and Immortal Female He (He Xiangu).

The Eight Immortals are not born immortals. They Have been Initially from the mortal Globe, In which they Have been Common, imperial Family Fellow members Fellow member, beggar and Taoist priest And so forth. There's a Excellent Account At the rear of Each and every of them in their Prosperous Taoism practicing and immortality
attainAdult ment.

In the legend, the Eight Immortals respectively Signify Adult men and woAdult men, Youthful and Aged, Wealthy and noble, and Bad and humble. Taoist Temples of the Eight Immortals are scattered all More than China and the Pictures of the Immortals are an inseparable Comp1nt of the
idolatrous processions. The instruAdult ments the Eight Immortals hAged - hardwood clapper, Lover, crutch, flute, sword, bottle gourd, Taoist whisk and flower basket, are Referred to as "eight treasures", Signifying the Eight Immortals. The most Properly-Acknowledged pieces on the Eight
Immortals in literary and artistic Functions Consist of The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, The Eight Immortals Providing Special birthday PEach and everyes and Toasts and The Eight Drunken Immortals And so forth. In Add-on, the Eight Immortals are Ordinarily featured in New Yr paintings,
embroideries, porcelain ware, festive lanterns and operas And so forth. And the phrase "Baxianguohai, gexianshentong" (meaning "the Eight Immortals cross the sea, Each and every 1 Displaying his or her Unique prowess") is 1 of the most Broadly Applied idioms in China.


 Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea

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