Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea


This is 1 of the most Great Testimonies about the Eight Immortals. One Day time, when the Eight Immortals arrive at the East Sea, the sea is Very Difficult, with turbulent waves. Lü Dongbin proposes that Every immortal cross the sea thDifficult his or her Specific Abilities by projecting Some thing onto the sea Surface area. So, Metal Crutch Li throws his Tool-the crutch (or "bottle gourd" in other Models of the Tale); Han Zhongli hurls his palm-leaf Lover; Elder Zhangguo puts his "Cardstock donkey" into the sea and other immortals all cast their Personal Tools. Hence all of them have Effectively crossed the stormy East Sea. After, the Tale is Applied to symbolize overcoming Issues or Accomplishing Some thing marvelous thDifficult some1's Specific Abilities.

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