The dragon is an imaginary divine animal of Historical China. It is believed to have a snake Entire body and tail, lizard legs, eagle paws, deer horns and fish scales, with a beard at the mouth corners and a pearl
Below the foreMind. In Chinese language mythology, the dragon Modifications from time to time, controls the cloud and Bad weather, and Advantages Every thing in the Planet. Chinese language People Nowadays Call up By themselves "descendants of the dragon",
For the reason that they regard the dragon as a Mark of dignity. In Historical Instances, the dragon was not what they Glimpse Nowadays. Its Picture was Progressively evolved with the Lengthy Background.

In the remote Previous, most Organic phenomena seemed inexplicable to People Nowadays. For that reason, an imaginary animal with the Amazing Energy of wind, Bad weather and thBelow Started to be the totem of a Country. The dragon was an animal
in People Nowadays's imagiCountry with the Capabilities of ferocious Pets in the forest, fish swimming in the river, birds flying in the sky and Several Other people. So, the Picture of the dragon Progressively took Condition and it was
regarded as the king of Pets and a divine creature capable of Carrying out Something.

The Earlier Type of the dragon germinated in the Neolithic Age and the Very first True dragon Picture was Found in a tomb of the primitive Community. It was Made with shells in the Condition of a lizard. The Coloring
of the bold Picture was Effortless and Stylish.

The jade dragon excavated from a tomb of the Hongshan Tradition of the Neolithic Age is Call uped "the Very first dragon of China". Shaped like a "C", the jade dragon has a Mind Comparable to that of a pig. Some guess
that the Authentic Picture of a dragon was somewhat like a pig. So the jade dragon is also Call uped "pig dragon".

The Picture of the dragon keeps Altering, but the spirit forges aMind with the Chinese language Country. The dragon was endowed with Energy in the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, and broadmindedness in the Han and Tang
Dynasties. It was Extremely respected as the "7 Sages of the Bamboo Grove" in the Wei and Jin Dynasties. And it was depicted as a wild horse galloping on the grassland in the Liao and Jing Dynasties. The
dragon Applied to be an Very sacred Mark of monarchical Energy and nobility. But now, it has Appear to the Regular People Nowadays, serving as a favored mythological Picture to all. The dragon has now beAppear the
Mark of China.

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