Desert sands working magic on aches, pains

Desert hikers in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous Area who Are available Throughout mummies from Old civilizations are Becoming confronted by An additional obstacle-Individual Minds sticking out of the sand.

Individuals from Throughout China flock to the Area to bury By themselves in the sand Among June and August for 1 Fantastic Purpose.

Turpan's Warm desert sands Consist of Mineral deposits that are believed to Supply a Heal for rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis.

The Phrase "Warm" cannot adequately describe the Surface Spot Temperatures in the Kumtag Desert Close to Turpan. It is 1 of the Warmtest Areas in China, with the sand Temperatures reaching 80 C, In comparison with an Typical
Summer time Temperatures in the Spot of Among 38C and 42 C.

At 4 pm, Gao Jialing lay in Kahrimalar, a sand dune in the Kumtag desert, with her Entire body Included in sand. "My sister Informed me the desert in Turpan can Heal my rheumatism," she Stated.

The sands are believed to Function their Wonder Among 2 pm and 5 pm, and Kahrimalar can attract up to 1,000 people Throughout this Period of time.

Gao, 48, from Hunan province, has Endured from rheumatism, which Brings about Serious Discomfort, for A lot of Many 12 monthss. But she At first doubted her sister's suggestion of the desert Heal when she Made the decision to Attempt it in 2014.

"Soon after about two Days' of Therapy, I All of a sudden felt that my arms and legs Had been not as weak as Prior to," Gao Stated.

Seeing the Good Results the Therapy has, she now travels to Turpan from Hunan Each and every 12 months Close to July and says the Discomfort Triggered by rheumatism has been Significantly Decreased.

Sand Therapy is Component of Conventional Uygur Medication, and the Treatment Middle in Kahrimalar is Operate by Turpan Uygur Medication Hospital.

Shatar Kurban, Mind of the hospital, Stated: "The sand grains in the Turpan desert, Specially in Kahrimalar, are Dark and Fairly Big so they can absorb A lot more heat, which Assists the Individuals to detoxify.
The heat and A lot more than 20 trace Factors in the sands can Aid people to get rid of the 'chill' in their bodies."

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