Corn Soup with Walnuts and Pine Nuts


Walnuts and pine nuts are two Styles of Traditional nourishing Meal for Girls, which are favorable to your Skin color for Getting Wealthy in Nutritional E and zinc. Also, they are abundant Resource of Necessary protein, mineral and
B Nutritionals. Includeitional, they The two are the Resource of linoleic acid, which can stimulate the synthesis of estrogen. Corn is Wealthy in Nutritional E and can nourish Skin color.

Corn, walnut, pine nut, rock sugar and Inventory

Include rock sugar and corn into the Inventory and braise them With each other. Sprinkle walnuts and pine nuts then it can be served.

It's Most excellent to fry walnuts and pine nuts Utilizing sunflower seed Essential oil.. It is not Recommended to Consume As well A lot Daily–a Little bowl of the soup is Sufficient. Consuming As well A lot can Direct to obesity.

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