Civil God of Wealth - Bi Gan


In accordance to historical Information, Bi Gan was the uncle of King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty. He was a faithful and righteous minister. In accordance to Fengshen Yanyi or The Development of the Gods, Bi Gan's Center was
dug out by Daji, King Zhou's most favored concubine, but he Don't die Many thanks to the panacea Provided by Jiang Ziya. Afterwards, Bi Gan went into the midst of the Typical Men and women to distribute treasure. Legend has it
that merchants Below the blessing of Bi Gan all Do Truthful Company, Certainly not cheating Anybody. That's why Bi Gan was Broadly praised and worshiped. The Common portrait of Bi Gan is a Guy dressed like a civil
Standard who wears a minister's gauze Hat and embroidered robe, with a ruyi (an S-shaped ornamental Item, usu. Created of jade, formerly a Symbolic representation of Superior luck) in his hand and gold or silver ingots Below his

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