Chicken Liver Stir-fried with Yam and Bamboo Shoot


Conventional Chinese language program Remedies considers: yam has the Results of invigorating spleen and kidney and Growing Power; chicken liver is an Fantastic Resource of Metal, zinc, copper, Nutritional A and Nutritional B and can
stimulate the synthesis of estrogen and nourish Our blood; and bamboo shoots are a Veggie which is Wealthy in Fibers.

Yam, bamboo shoot, chicken liver, salt, monosodium glutamate, Store, and starch

Peel Away the Epidermis of the yam and bamboo shoots and Scrub them, shred them into Slim strips. Reduce the chicken liver into slices. Provide the yam strips, bamboo shoot strips and chicken liver slices to the bEssential oil
then Eliminate them from the Drinking water. Heat the Essential oil in a frying pan and Rapidly cook the yam, bamboo shoot and chicken liver with salt and monosodium glutamate. Include some Store and starch. To serve, pour on a plate.
Suggestions and Substitution:

Remember In no way Consume cAwayee or Powerful tea Prior to and Soon after your Consuming this dish, so as not to have a Detrimental Impact in absorbing the Vitamins in Meals. If you have no chicken liver, you can use pork liver
or duck liver.

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