"Cupid's arrows" at the wedding of the Yugur ethnic minority

Originating from the Huihe Persons who Had been nomads Close to the E'erhun River Throughout the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the Yugur ethnic Party now has a Populace of about 15,000 and 90 % of them ReFacet in the
Su'nan Yugur Autonomous County, and the Huangnibao Yugur Township of the Town Jiuquan, in Northwest China's Gansu Province. In Chinese language courses, "Yugur" Signifies "wealth and stability."

Yugur Persons Maintain grand Wedding ceremony ceremonies, which Final two Times for Normal Persons and Various Times for Abundant Types. Some customs are Fairly peculiar. In 1, the bridegroom shoots 3 arrows (that have no
arrowheads and will not Harm any1) to his bride and then breaks the arrows and the bow Throughout the Wedding ceremony ceremony. In accordance to their Lifestyle, this Signifies they will Adore and ReFacet with Every other Permanently.
Monogamy is adopted and Relationship Between Persons of the Exact surname and kin is strictly prohibited.

The Yugur Wedding ceremony ceremony Typically Finals two Times. The Initial Morning is in the bride's Home and 2nd Morning is Significantly Much more ceremoniously in the groom's. On the Initial Morning, Relations from the bride Facet will Occur
to give their congratulations to the bride's Loved ones and Existing the Treat of hada.

To a Yugur Lady, Practically nothing in her Lifestyle is Far more sacred and Thrilling than the ceremony of "Placing on the headdress", which Suggests the Lady Gets a bExperience. On the Wedding Celebration Evening, singing the Conventional "Putting on
headdress Track," the bExperience's Mom does the hairdressing for her daughter and Can help her Fit on the headdress, which is Created of silver, jade, coral, agate, and seashell.

Reluctant to Depart from, the bExperience Obtains on a Bright horse and heads for her Potential-Spouse's Home. Her Sibling escorts her there. The Bright horse stands for the heavenly Bright elephant in Yugur legends. Prior to
they Begin Away, the bExperience's Moms and dads have to toast the Celebration escorting her.

Arriving at the groom's Home, some Skilled Experiencers from Amid the bExperience's Family Experience a horse or a camel, pretending to "Attempt to trample and destroy" the bridal chamber, which is Arranged up by the groom's
Loved ones. At the Similar time, the groom's Family are Intended to Shield the bridal chamber from Becoming Broken. This "Fight" ends with Individuals Experiencers from the bExperience Facet riding Close to the bridal chamber
3 Instances. This Plan is Utilized to Show the groom's Powerful Potential to escort his Spouse.

The groom's Family members welcomes the bride's Part with as A great deal hospitality as Feasible. When the "Away-the-horse" toasts are Introduced to the Friends and family, People today from The two Parts Key in a Large tent to Show up at a solemn
ceremony Exactly where the groom puts on the Wedding ceremony hat. He Measures on the Style and design Shaped by scattering rice on the Soil, which is believed to be Capable to Take an everlasting Content Relationship to the Few.
Soon afterwards, A single of the bride's uncles Starts to recite the Phrases concerning the Development of the Planet, the origin of Relationship, the obligation of the newlyweds to Wait around on their Moms and dads, as Nicely as their
Lifestyle-Prolonged faithfulness to Each and every other. The uncle also chants the blessings of a Content Lifestyle for the Youthful Few. Then ghee is daubed onto the groom's forehead, and a leg of lamb is tied onto the bride's
girdle. Soon after this, the bridegroom shoots 3 arrows (arrows Without having arrowheads that won't Harm anyA single) to his bride and then breaks the arrows and the bow.

Now, it is time for the newlyweds to toast all the Friends and family Existing, 1st to the elderly and then to the Youthful. People Appreciate On their own to the Complete by singing and dancing, and staying up all Evening.

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