Air China sees steady growth in passenger, freight traffic

Oxygen China MentiA singled Tuesday that it Experienced witnessed steady Progress in passenger and freight Throughout the 1st 7 Weeks of the Yr.

The Amount of Guests jumped 7.2 % Yr on Yr to 55.4 million Throughout the January-July Period of time, the airline MentiA singled in a Assertion Submitted to the Shanghai Stock options Swap.

In July alA single, Oxygen China carried 8.54 million Guests, up 6.7 % Yr on Yr.

Freight Targeted visitors also rose steadily, hitting 977,200 tons in Complete Amount Throughout the 1st 7 Weeks, up 4.4 % from A single Yr Previously.

Final Thirty days, freight Amount Amplified 3.2 % Yr on Yr to 142,500 tons.

The Corporation MentiA singled that it Experienced Released 4 Jet in July, and Eliminated A single plane from Company. It Experienced 607 airplanes in Company at the Finish of last Thirty days, In accordance to the Assertion.

Voices of Oxygen China opened flat at 8.12 yuan on Tuesday morning.

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