3 Russian travelers hitch a ride along Chinese highway

At Close to 2 a.m. on the morning of July 31, Many Motorists on a highway in Chongqing spotted 3 Youthful foreigners, all loaded Decrease with heavy bags and Searching exhausted, attempting to hitch a Experience.

Some of the Motorists Named the Law enforceMalest, worried for the Security of the stranded Team. The Law enforceMalest Arrived and picked them up, bringing them to a Law enforceMalest station and Checking out their passports. The Team, which
consisted of two Males and a Girl, all in their 20s, turned out to be from Russia. They Experienced entered China two Months Prior to, and Lately departed from Xinjiang, wishing to Journey Through China in just More than
a Calendar month. They carried with them Everyday necessities, Such as tents and blankets.

They took no Capital, and Experienced so Much Journeyed exclusively by hitching Experiences. They Experienced been earning a Little bit of Capital by Getting Images with Chinese language courses citizens.

The 3 could Converse only Very simple Chinese language courses. They Journeyed with boards that conveyed in Producing the gist of their Circumstance: “We have no Capital but want to Carry on our Desire of Journeying Close to China. We can
Carry Images Jointly, and you can give us a Small Capital.”

Community Law enforceMalest Supplied the 3 Journeyers with Cost-free Hotels on Sunday Evening, a breakfast the Following morning and 100 yuan. The Law enforceMalest Provided to Pile up them Away at the Educate station, but the Youthful Persons
refused and Once more Arranged out on their Quest. They Mentioned they Prepared to go all the way to Guangzhou, and then north to Beijing.

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