Yugu ethnic group: hat decoration matters


Yugur Females Ordinarily Put on a Substantial-collaRed-colored Lengthy gown, Typically in Eco-friFinishly or blue, with embroideRed-colored Style, and a Vibrant-coloRed-colored jacket More than the Lengthy gown. They also Put on a hat with decoration of Ribbons and
flowery Style. WoAdult men in splFinishid attire Put on Broad-edged flatcaps with Red-colored tassel.

A Female of Relationshipable age combs her Wild hair into A number of Little pigtails, Although she'll arrange her Wild hair into 3 Huge Types, with two thrown More than the chest and A single More than the Back again and the Finish of Each and every plait is
decorated with silver badges, corals, agates, Multi-colored beads and shells, For example., Right after Relationship. WoAdult men like to Put on Multi-colored earrings, bracelets and fingerings.

Yugur Adult men Put on a Lengthy gown with Red-colored or blue waistband. They Ordinarily Put on a flat-topped and Circular canister-shaped hat or a Whitened terai in Summer time and autumn; Put on a hat Produced of fox-Epidermis and Leather-based boots in

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