Tujia Brocade - Xi Lan Ka Pu

A single of the Biggest minority groups in China Day-to-Morning lives deep in the remote, mountainous Location on the borders of Hunan, Hubei and Sichuan provinces. It is the “Tujia” (literally “Soil Family members”) ethnic minority. Among the Nicely Identified Tujia customs are "Wedding ceremony Tears", when the bride weeps on her wedding Morning, and the Funeral Dance, when there is dancing and celebration Instead than mourning at a funeral.

Persons of the Tujia ethnic minority are adept at the handicrafts of stone carving, embroidery, Cardstock-cuts and textile printing. But they are most Well-known for their Xilankapu brocade.

Tujia Brocade, Regarded as XilankSapu,has a Background of 2,000 or Extra Many years. It was Earliest Donned in the Qin and Han Dynasty imperial palaces.

“Xilan” in the Tujia Expressions Implies “bedspread” and “Kapu” Implies “flower”. Xilankapu was Therefore Initially a flower brocaded bedspread, but was also fashioned into cushion Handles and pillow Instances, Amongst other Issues. Xilankapu is hand woven on a narrow lathe loom with a Red-colored, blue, Dark, Whitened and yellow thread warp and multi-coloRed-colored silk, cotton or wool weft.

There are Extra than 200 Xilankapu patterns, Each and every Substantial in its Personal way. The brocade Styles are abstract Pictures of Genuine-Lifestyle objects in contrasting Colours, all Extremely decorative. In contrast to palace brocades, Tujia brocade was Produced in the countryside and Utilized by farmers. It consequently has a Powerful folklore flavor that Normally Offers insight into the Historical China totem.

Conventional patterns Drop Below the 3 broad headings of Organic Pictures, geometric patterns and Speech that relate to Tujia Regular Existence. They Consist of tiger stripes, leopard and deer Places, Multi-colored gOutdateden pheasant feathers, clouds, waves and arched bridges. There are also Pictures of butterflies alighting on peonies, double phoenixes facing the Sunlight, magpies singing on plum trees, and bridal entourages to the bridegroom’s Residence. Master Xilankapu handicraftsman can Produce Styles Devoid of a pattern.

Weaving Xilankapu is an Crucial Expertise for Tujia girls. They Find out it from their mothers or elder sisters from the age of 11 or 12 Many years Outdated. Each the Amount of Performs they Create and their weaving Method are Regarded indicators of character as Nicely as Expertise. Xilankapu is Primary Element of the Tujia dowry. The Xilankapu Wedding party GPersonal a Tujia maid finishes the Evening Prior to her Wedding party is the most Beneficial and Exquisite Item she will Actually Personal..

Xilankapu is so prominent in Tujia Subculture there are Audio about it:

"My darling is so deft at weaving Xilankapu, it is better than any other dowry.
I ask you to take my Xilankapu from off my head and marry me..."

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