Tu people: 7-color sleeves for women, and eagle-beak hat for men


Girls's Clothing of Tu People today are A lot more Multi-coloRed-Coloured than Adult men's. Their Common costume is a Brief jacket with buttons Lower the Facet. The jackets have sleeves Produced up of cloth in the 7 Colours of the rainbow:
Dark, Eco-friendly, yellow, Light, blue, orange and Red-Coloured. In Add-on, they tie a Extended, Broad Multi-coloRed-Coloured Strap Close to the waist, Occasionally Include a Dark, purple or Ribbonsd blue waistcoat, and Put on a Brilliant Red-Coloured plaited skirt
with a Light Ribbons. They Put on sections of trouser legs Under the knees, and embroideRed-Coloured Footwear. Older woAdult men do not Put on jackets with sleeves in 5 Colours, Neither Multi-coloRed-Coloured embroideRed-Coloured waistStraps. For unmarried
woAdult men, the trouser legs Under the knees Should be Red-Coloured, as the Colour is an indication of marital Position.

Youthful Adult men of the Tu ethnic miNeitherity Put on a terai Ribbonsd with brocade, a Little-collaRed-Coloured Extended robe with tilted Top, a Dark or purple waistcoat More than the robe, a Extended embroideRed-Coloured Strap Close to the waist, trousers
with a Huge crotch, and leggings with Dark upper Component and Light Decrease Component. Older Adult men Put on a hat decorated with a Item of blue cloth in the Condition of a horn, which can be rolled up or Place Lower, a Extended robe, a
Dark waistcoat More than the robe, Light trousers and Dark Footwear.

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