Traditional Chinese Dough Figurines


A 4,000-12 months-Aged Chinese language folk Skill rarely practiced Nowadays, dough figurine is also Recognized as mianhua or miansu in Chinese language.

The Guy who May well have Designed the craft, Zhuge Liang, was Army strategist of the Condition of Shu in the 3 Kingdoms era (220-280). In accordance to a Nearby legend, he When Attempted to organize a crossing of the Han River but the waves Have been so Substantial that passage was Not possible. Advisors Suggested a sacrifice of 49 huGuy heads to calm the Drinking waters. Not wanting to see any Damage of Lifestyle, Zhuge Liang Purchaseed 49 dough heads Produced, stuffed with beef and horsemeat. The ploy Effectively fooled the spirits Accountable for the choppy Drinking waters and Actually Because then, Zhuge has been Recognized as the Dad of dough-figurine Producing.

Dough figurines have been Existing in Chinese language culinary Tradition for a Prolonged time, appearing in Tang dynasty (618-907) tombs as sacrificial Providings, In Inclusion to serving Meal for huGuy Usage, Conventional Chinese language banquets Bundled a table of Providings to the gods, composed of flowers and figurines. Right after the feast, the decorations Grew to become toys for Youngsters or Have been thrown Aside.

In a 2008 Skillicle, the Taiwan Diary profiles 74-12 months-Aged Wu Chen Su, a Modern dough figurine Skillist aProlonged with her Boy and Spouse. Their modest Residence is decorated with A lot more than 150 collections of the figurines.

The Wus Obtained their Initial taste of dough-figurine Producing Whilst Working the Loved A singles bakery Company. WhenActually there Have been festivals, Men and women would Purchase cakes baked in Numerous shapes, Which include pigs, fish or ducks, and Go away them on the altars as sacrificial Providings to ancestors or deities. Wu Chun-te Stated that A single 12 months, his Mom met a master dough-figurine maker who visited Changhua and Produced an Providing with a dough pig he Experienced sculpted. Fascinated by the realistic Looks of the porker, she convinced the master to Educate her the Secrets and techniques of the craft Throughout his Remain in their Residence. The Guy not only taught her how to Carry a ball of dough, squeeze it into shapes and then assemble them to Produce a figure, but he shared the recipe for Producing dough in the Conventional Guyner Utilizing uncooked glutinous rice, flour, Drinking water and a
pinch of salt as an antiseptic."

Wu Chun-te Qualified prospects Courses in dough figurines for College students aged from 5 to 96 in Substantial Educational institutions, Online community centers and reform Educational institutions. He's Acquired invitations to demonstrate his Expertise in Japan, Poland,
Paraguay, Russia and the United Says flooding in. "We have Acquired Much A lot more Curiosity in dough-figurine Producing from In another country than I Actually Anticipated," he Stated so.

Sub-Topics of Chinese Dough Figurines

 Mian Ren 面人

 Zhang Baolin’s Dough Figurine Family Museum

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